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Sienna-X have always been a leader in tanning products and application. Clients will find the end result to be far superior than that of other leading brands.

Prior to any tanning treatment we can offer advice on how to prepare your skin to enable you to achieve the very best results. We will provide you with cleanser and wipes so you can feel you can come straight from the work place.


Sienna-X Tan

A beautiful, golden tan created with award winning product range Sienna-X. This treatment feel like a massage as the tan is manually applied by our highly trained therapists. Time is taken to ensure the best possible colour and coverage. Please note: Hair removal should be carried out 24 to 48 hours prior to treatment. Skin should be prepared 24 hours before by exfoliating and moisturising. On the day of your treatment please arrive at the clinic with your skin free from moisturiser, deodorant and perfume.